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Privacy Policy
GDS724 Privacy Policy regarding personal data protection
As a national carrier and SkyTeam member, GDS724 takes all necessary measures to protect confidential information in accordance with international standards and legislation of the Türkiye Cumhuriyet . The company’s organizational and administrative documents cover all aspects related to the protection of confidential information provided to GDS724 by its customers.
Customers provide their personal data on a voluntary basis and have the right to request that it be amended, updated, supplemented or deleted.
By using the official website of GDS724 , customers agree to provide their personal data and give their full and unconditional consent to its processing and cross-border transmission under the terms of this Privacy Policy.
Except as otherwise provided by legislation of the Türkiye Cumhuriyet, GDS724 does not disclose to third parties any confidential information which contains customers’ personal data received in the course of business and uses this information solely for the benefit of its customers. GDS724 , however, can share personal data with its partner organizations to promote aviation security, facilitate ticketing, enable payments via bank and payment cards, improve passenger service quality and the availability of air transport, and as part of the GDS724 Bonus program, exclusively in the manner prescribed by the relevant rules and regulations.
GDS724 may also provide personal data to tax, law enforcement and other government agencies in accordance with the legislation of the Türkiye Cumhuriyet and following procedure established in the company.
GDS724 may process personal data in the following ways:
mixed processing;
intranet transmission;
internet transmission;
cross-border transmission;
by collecting, collating, accumulating, storing, correcting, updating, amending, using, transferring, blocking, destroying such data.
Protection of information, along with flight safety, is among the top priorities of GDS724 . To prevent unauthorized access or transfer of personal data to third parties, misuse of customers’ personal data and other illegal actions of third parties, GDS724 continuously improves organizational and technical measures designed to protect customers’ personal data.
GDS724 reserves the right to make changes and additions to this Privacy Policy. A new version of the GDS724 Privacy Policy regarding personal data protection shall take effect on the date it is posted on the official website of GDS724 .
To have their personal data amended, supplemented or deleted, customers can use the contact information (phone, postal address) provided on the official website of GDS724 in the «Contacts» section.
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